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♥ еvея lаѕтіиg ғяіеиđ ~

♥ Gorgeous еlғ ~ Mihaa
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a little about me,,,

I'm Mihaa..
18. Gemini . Shy, quiet, kind, friendly and a little bit ODD
Addicted to Super junior, DBSK, SHINee, Big Bang, FT Island, Boys Over Flowers, Asian music and Asian Drama.. Besides I love to learn new things and languages .

My journal is 99% Friends LOCKED. My F-Locked Posts contain my fangirling/fandoms and my life/complaining crap xP..
but my few opened posts will probably be pimping or outing links for my graphics, uploads or blogcrews.. xD

friending me;

彡 Please leave a comment before you add me. If you don't I'll have to ignore it.
彡 Do not add me if you're gonna use me as another person on your friends list.
彡 Have at least something in common with me .
彡 Comment once in a while so we get to know each other
彡I will not add dead journals
DO NOT add me for my graphics or uploads .. there are separate communities for them you can join..

Comment Here please to be added!!


Music i (Like/Love/listen to) Here
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